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I've always been attracted to and have admired vintage jewelry.  You may have noticed many of my vintage-inspired rings in my collection.  Going back to the 1700s, jewelry-making tools were primitive and as a result, the pieces were completely hand-made by default.  I love sitting down to carve wax to make custom, gift rings for clients.  There is nothing like the love that goes into these kinds of pieces that mean so much to them.  They become treasures now and in years to come.  It's not about the size, but the meaning, the delicacy and the  beauty that is cherished.  Vintage and antique pieces reflect what the world once was, like time capsules. A time when families grew their own food.  They dug the rows, planted seeds, and watered the plants with their own hands. They may have also built their own homes.  Vintage jewelry is a memory of a lifestyle that barely exists now.  When I was in school in Oneanta, NY, I regularly drove to Woodstock to buy beads. I came back to my apartment, made jewelry, then sold it in local shops when I came home to Amagansett, NY.  Vintage jewelry was one of my starting points.  I'm now building a collection of quality, special pieces that represent the value of the pioneer artisans in jewelry-making.


Jill sourced this timeless Turquoise and Diamond ring at the 2024 Tucson Gem Show!  This design, of unknown origin, is consistent with the Art Nouveau style of the turn of the century. The diamond, turquoise and yellow gold combination is one of our very favorites.  The Diamonds are Old Mine Cuts. Old Mine cuts are antique hand-cut diamonds.  The natural turquoise is very vibrant blue color.


Gemstones - Turquoise and Old Mine Cut Diamonds

Estimate Diamond Weight = .16 ct 

Metal - 14K Gold

Circa 1920s

Ring Size = 6 

Art Nouveau Style Diamond and Turquoise Ring

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