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About Jill


Jill has been fascinated with gemstones since she was a child. This interest continued to grow over the years, shaping her into the self-taught jewelry designer that she is today. Creating  jewelry came natural to her.  Jill studio gemstones, pearls and diamonds.  She is Certificated by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America)  in Diamonds and has an extensive knowledge of all gems.

Whether she’s creating engagement rings, wedding bands, or gifts for birthdays and life events, Jill always puts the client at the center of her work. The combination of her technical expertise, her deep knowledge of gemstones, metals, jewelry design and fabrication allows Jill to create unique, bespoke creations that wow her clients.



As a teen, Jill regularly visited NYC’s Fashion District to browse and purchase beads and stringing supplies. The endless walls of amazing gemstones were an inspiration. At 19, Jill established Jill Lynn & Co. and began selling her handmade creations at local artisan fairs, jewelry trade shows, stores and online.

multigemstonenecklace copy_edited.jpg

2005 - 2020

The first Jill Lynn & Co. store opened in Sag Harbor, NY in 2005. After a few years, we moved ths store to Jobs Lane in Southhampton, NY where the business resided for 15 years.  The stores were filled with Jill Lynn creations, visiting designers and fine art by artists. 



2020 - NOW

After moving to Connecticut with her family, Jill closed the Southhampton shop and opened a new studio in Wilton, CT. Clients can book studio visits to come shop her one-of-a-kind collection of fine jewelry, appraisals, custom designs, ear piercings, and more!

She also pops up in the Hamptons 5 times a year! 



Jill uses a variety of fabrication methods, depending on what exactly she wants to create. Her methods include: the lost wax technique (carving wax by hand and casting into precious metal), beading gemstones, and utilizing computer generated designs.

Want to meet with Jill? Shop her collection or Interested in a custom jewelry design?
Book a session with her or find her at our next pop up event.

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