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A very rare strand of Tahitian Pearls. This type of pearl is called keshi. Small Tahitian Cultured Pearls created by the oyster's premature rejection of the grafted nucleus, have been given the Japanese name of keshi. The name was adopted by Japanese pearl farmers to describe tiny non-nucleated pearls, grown by accident, that were often found inside oysters at harvest time."Keshi" means "poppy seed" because of their generally small size (usually 2-8mm diameter) compared to nucleated pearls. However, on rare occasions keshi of up to 18mm in diameter. Since there is no nuclei inside keshi tend to be highly irregular shapes and "flatter" compared to round, semi-baroque and baroque pearls. Keshi are sometimes regarded as closer in composition to a "natural pearl" since they are made up entirely of pearly layers. No sead.


This particular strand is strung on Silk Cord and knotted in between each pearl. The clasp is a 14k yellow gold spirng clasp.


Lenght = 16"

Gemstone= Natural Tahitian Pearl

Metal = 14k yellow gold

Tahitian Pearl Keshi Necklace

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