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One of our favorite gemstones, turquoise from the Sleeping Beauty mine in Arizona is very rare.  The mine closed in 2012, so we can only find authentic pieces from collectors that we trust.  We really are looking for the trusted source before the gems.  Once we find the source, we consider the gems and the value.  This necklace is a beautiful, bright Sleeping Beauty example.  The bright blue is caused by the presence of the host rock copper and this particular sky blue is famous all over the world.  Since the mine closed, the price has skyrocketed.  We are grateful to provide this collectible and heirloom piece to you.  It is a perfect length to pair with your chains and other gems.


Length = 25" 

Gemstone = Natural Sleeping Beauty Turquoise 

String = Brown Silk Cord 

Clasp = 14k Gold Filled Lobster Claw with Ring

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Nugget Necklace

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