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This JL design is a beautiful and feminine colored gemstone halo ring.  Jill highlights the 2.35 carat tourmaline with just the right scale diamonds to keep the focus on the center of attention.  The white stones and metal accentuate the warmth of the pink tourmaline stone.  With a 3/4 diamond band you get a ton of sparkle!


Tourmaline crystallizes in the triagonal system.  No other common mineral has three-sided prisms, giving tourmaline its own particular kind of unique sparkle.  You will notice the difference when your wear this ring everywhere and in different types of light!


Fun facts:  Tourmaline is an October birthstone.  It has a hardness of 7 to 7.5 on the Moh's hardness scale.


Metal = Platinum 

Stones = Pink Tourmaline & Diamond 

Pink Tourmaline = 2.35 ct 

Diamond = .64 Ct 

Ring Size = 6 


Raspberry Tourmaline & Diamond Halo Platinum Ring

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