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This new mother of pearl necklace may end up being on your wish list!  Jill is bringing this to you from the serene and beautiful ocean.  This beauty is custom designed by Jill and is one-of-a-kind.  The white mother of pearl is shimmery and the pearly irridescence is irresitable in combination with the yellow gold settings and chain.  Jill created this in just the right length to layer it with your gemstone necklaces and chains!  Stunning for summer!


Fun facts:  Mother of pearl is actually a mineral!  It is not a pearl, but it is formed by the same mollusks that can create pearls when grit is introduced.  Mother of pearl is nacre, the strong fortification that is used to protect their little home!  It's durability is due to the layers of the mineral aragonite with a silk protein conchiolin.  The aragonite diverts light waves in various directions, creating the magical sheen.  



Length = 22" 

Metal = 14k Yellow Gold 

Gemstone = Natural Mother Of Pearl 

Clasp = 14k Yellow Gold Lobster Claw 

Mother Of Pearl Gold Chain

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