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This ring is a beautiful example of Jill's expertise in gems, design and workmanship.  This hand-made moi et toi ring marries two stunning opaque blue stones:  lapis lazuli and Sleeping Beauty Turquoise.  The color of each stone is clear and intense.  There are  gold flecks of pyrite that sparkle brightly in the lapis stone and  harmonize it to the gold metal setting.  The broad tonal difference between the stones helps or highlights each ones' beauty and particular character.  The  combination of the stones strengthens each one individually, just like a good marriage!  If you love blue, this ring is perfect.  These cool blues are set in warm yellow gold, reminding us of the sunshine during mid-day and twilight.  Pair with many of Jill's gemstone necklaces such as her Lapis, Amazonite, Chrysocolla necklace, featured in the picture.  Necklaces in all Sleeping Beauty Turquoise or lapis are great options also.  Add her Chunky Gold Hoops, Mini Gold Studs or her Turquoise Diamond Studs to marry it all together!


Gemstones:  Lapis and Turquoise

Metal:  14K Yellow

Size:  6


Fun Facts:  Both Turquoise and Lapis are birthstone options for December.  Lapis is the gem of the 7th and 9th anniversary.  Turquoise is the gem of the 11th anniversary.

Lapis and Turquoise 14K Gold Ring

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