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This winter, I'm really excited to introduce and to share with you my collection of hand-crafted new and vintage Native American jewelry. I have always loved authentic American Native Indian Jewelry.  I am intrigued by the lifestyle of these artisans who were experts in their craft.  I have deep respect for those who forged metal, carved wax or wood, and who cut and set the turquoise and shell with simple tools, by hand. These are the attributes and values that I admire. As far back as the 1870s, Native Americans created and sold their hand-made pieces with love.  I now am carefully curating and presenting my selections to you.  I hand-selected each piece at the 2024 International Tucson Gem Show.


This ring is handcrafted by a Native American Artisan.  The ring is crafted in Sterling Silver. It has 1 elongated oval natural turquoise cabochon set in a bezel. 


The decorative stampling goes all the way around the band.  You will see the feather, which represents trust, strength, wisdom and honor.  The symbol for fire represents purification, cleansing and renewal.  


Talk about a statement ring. This one is so beautiful. Truly one-of-a-kind.


Metal = Sterling Silver 

Gemstone = Natural Turquoise 

Ring Size = 8

Yes, it can be sized.  

Designer = 

Elongated Oval Native American Turquoise Ring

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