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These one-of-a-kind JL earrings are so beautiful in person. They are a rich, royal, bright blue with natural flecks of gold colored pyrite and some green spotted throughout.  The earrings backs are 14k yellow gold flip levers.  Pair with Lapis & Turquoise Toi e Moi ring and layers of JL Gemstone necklaces in lapis, chrysocolla and amazonite!


Fun Fact :

Lapis is know to inspire confidence,  boots immune system, lowers blood pressure and cooling and smoothing areas of inflammation. Lapis is mined in Afghanistan, Siberia, United States and Myanmar.  This indigo gemstone pigment was used to paint the ceilings of many cathedrals in Europe to indicate the night sky.  


Gemstone = Natural Lapis 

Lenght = 1 1/4" 

Metal = 14k Yellow Gold 

Lapis & Gold Dangles

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