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Akoya pearls thrive in the cold salt water of the Pacific ocean off the coast of Japan.  These pearls are all about luster.  Luster refers to how bright or dull a pearl looks and how well it reflects light.  Luster occurs when light rays bounce off the surface of the pearl, like bouncing off a convex surface.  These irridescent pearls are AA (very high quality) and tied on beautiful silk.  You will love wearing these every day.  Layer with and wear with almost anything - metals, diamonds, colored gems!


Fun Facts:  Pearl is the June  birthstone and the gem for the 3rd and 30th wedding anniversary.


Gem =  AA Silver Akoya Pearls

Knotted on Silk

Clasp = 14K Yellow Gold Toggle

Length = 18 inch

Natural Silver Akoya Pearls Knotted on Silk

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